The te capital professional competence

Openness, fairness and reliability determine our thoughts and actions.
te capital guarantees professional processes from project development to implementation and long-term operation.
te capital brings specialists from all necessary fields together.
te capital thinks and acts long-term and always in the interest of the customer.
te capital provides experience from the handling of more than 5 billion Euro invested material assets.

Klaus Fickert

“The professional cooperation with employees, customers and other business partners is a great pleasure for me. My own high quality standards are implemented in day-to-day business. This is the basis for satisfied customers and excellent results”.

Klaus Fickert

Klaus Fickert, married, one child, over 25 years in the financial services distribution business. Commercial education. Distribution of commercial and residential real estate (retail trade, protection of historical monuments)
2002-2011 Head of Sales and later Managing Partner of one of the largest German issuing houses in Hamburg with investments in the asset classes shipping, real estate, private equity, infrastructure and life insurance.
2012-2014 Member of the Management Board and Sales Manager of a multi-asset initiator for funds and investments from Heidelberg.
2015-2016 nationwide advisory mandates for sales to institutional investors in the renewable energy and private equity sectors.
Sales Manager te management since 2016. Development of a comprehensive sales network for the sale of real estate projects to institutional investors.

Andreas Kemptner

“te capital profits from the enormous experience of your acting persons. Together, we have already realised and processed more than 5 billion investments. A high degree of standardization helps us to keep processes lean and to optimally meet the requirements of our customers”.

Andreas Kemptner

Andreas Kemptner, married, 2 children, banker, graduated with a degree in business administration in the field of international financial services

2003-2011 Authorized signatory and office manager in the sales department of an issuing house in Hamburg, responsible for product management, sales support, marketing and after-sales service.

2011-2014 Office manager and general representative of a Heidelberg fund initiator, fund management, marketing, PR and sales management.

2014-2016 Office Manager Sales Service of a large insurance broker in Frankfurt. Management of 13 employees, coordination of the work processes of more than 50,000 contracts, maintaining contacts with customers and insurance companies. Sales support for the establishment of Insuretech asuro GmbH.

Product manager te management GmbH since 2016. Development and sales of photovoltaic investments, market leader within 18 months. Marketing of real estate projects to institutional investors.

Oliver Posth

“A high measure of loyalty and reliability among the employees within the company enables a high level of efficiency in the workflow processes, up to the speedy implementation of the project. In order to guarantee this, the company attaches great importance to experienced and pragmatic employees. 4 principles, with which one reaches also in the present time, again and again his goal surely!”

Oliver Posth

Oliver Posth, single, studied to become a sports teacher.

2001-2009 Head of Public Relations and Head of Media Relations.

2009-2014 Marketing and Social Media for a Munich-based project developer. Development of advertising campaigns, project management in the field of sales promotion, trade and POS marketing, offline and online marketing.

2014-2017 Real estate agent with focus on hotel real estate, boarding houses and student housing.

Since 2017 Key Account Manager at te capital GmbH. Development of a sales network for the sale of real estate projects and photovoltaic investments. Coordination of projects, sales management and network expansion.